Hejde Knäcke

Hejde Knäcke is a thin knäckebröd (crispbread) with a lot of flavours, baked-on natural ingredients. The knäckebröd is handmade and baked in Hejde in the Gotland countryside, a Swedish island in the Baltic sea. The flour the bakery use come from the local miller and the flour varieties used are all locally grown on Gotland. Hejde Knäcke is a pure food craft, and it’s available in a variety of flavours. Since 2017 is Hejde Knäcke a certified food artisans by Eldrimner in Jämtland.

Certifierad mathantverkare Eldrimner









Hejde Knäcke - A handmade delicacy Knäckebröd

Knäckebröd Hejde Knäcke

Hejde Knäcke founded in the summer of 2009  based on the insight that you can't find a crispbread baked om Gotland. So from 2009 Gotland could add crispbread as one of many fantastic delicacies, made on the islands food artisans. The name Hejde Knäcke comes from the parish Hejde on the Gotland countryside, about 30 km from Visby, which is also the location for the bakery. Hejde Knäcke's ambition has always been to deliver a locally produced and handmade delicacy crispbread. As for the flour in the products, Hejde Knäcke uses only organic Gotland flour in the different varieties. The flour is ground and collected from Labans Kvarn a mill in Roma. Since 2019 is Hejde Knäcke included in Knäckebrödsakademins list of crispbread bakeries which, according to their definition, bake a correct crispbread containing mainly wholegrain rye flour.

Bakning hos Hejde Knäcke

Produced by: Wikinggruppen

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