Sigdal Bakeri Seed Crackers

For decades, Sigdal Bakeri has baked bread and cakes in his craft bakery in the small Norwegian town of Prestfoss in Sigdal municipality. For a small local bakery, the competition was tough only to bake bread and cakes, so Sigdal Bakeri saw itself as having to offer something new to its customers. Knäckebröd is considered to be right in time, and in 2012 Sigdal Bakeri started baking gourmet crispbread and then, in 2015, started the craft production of Fröknäcke, which then became an instant success. The seed cracker bread is based on seeds, kernels and whole grains and contains only natural raw materials. The bakery's recipes today are developed in the local kitchen, and everything is produced artisanally in the bakery. The different seed crackers are perfect for snacks, breakfast, and lunch with different types of toppings. Fantastic to dip.



Produced by: Wikinggruppen

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