Wasa, founded in 1919, is today the world's largest manufacturer of crispbread. Wasabröd was founded in Skellefteå in 1919 by baker Karl Edvard Lundström under the name AB Skellefteå Spisbrödsfabrik and in the early '30s moved the company to Filipstad where they still have its factory. The name Wasa was taken from the Swedish king Gustav Vasa whose picture adorned the early bread packages. Since crispbread is traditionally baked by rye, Wasabröd set a sales slogan, "Wasabröd gives rye in the back", which Wasa used for a long time in their marketing. A clear focus of Wasa and their various crispbreads is appetizing; crispbread should appeal to both sight and taste.





Wasa's crispbread just gets greener and greener


Wasa CO2 compensate

Produced by: Wikinggruppen

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