Finn Crisp

Finn Crisp's story began at the 1952 Summer Olympics in Helsinki when it. Finn Crisp was developed by the Vaasan Group, a Finnish bakery that baked their first knäckebröd in 1904. Since its launch in 1952, Finn Crisp has evolved, and today these crispy rye crackers are a favourite of many knäckebröd lovers. Although Finn Crisp has been around for a long time, the Finnish knäckebröd tradition is even longer. The hard and tasteful crispbread has been a given in Scandinavian cuisine for many hundreds of years. In Finland, knäckebröd was baked twice a year: autumn baking when the farmers harvested rye and spring baking when the ice melted and there was a rich supply of fresh water. The fibre-rich crispbread was not only tasty. It was also sustainable since it stayed delicious and crispy for several months. This fantastic combination of simplicity and good taste makes knäckebröd a hard-to-beat favourite to this day!


Produced by: Wikinggruppen

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