Mjälloms Thinbread

The history of thinbread can trace to the High Coast and Mjällom, ain the small Ångermanland village of Mjällom was founded in 1923 Sweden's oldest thinbread bakery, Mjälloms Tunnbröd. Water, flour and hot ovens are the only things that are needed to bake the Swedish bread classic thinbread. Even today, thinbread baking takes place entirely according to Grandma Rut's recipe, knowledge and tradition. As the dough sets before, it is still set in the same way today.

So for almost 100 years, Mjällom Tunnbröd has developed the food artisan thinbread and delivered moments of enjoyment to many thinbread lovers. Even today, the bakery runs like a small family business. The original recipe has been preserved while the bakery, with curiosity and knowledge, has developed the Swedish thinbread tradition. 




Mjälloms Tunnbröd - Sweden's oldest thinbread bakery

Even today, the thinbread bakes in the oven, installed in 1946, and the rolling out takes place in the same rolling mill as then. During baking, Mjälloms Tunnbröd uses their own dimensions and senses to get the perfect thinbread, all based on Grandma Rut's fundamental view of how a thinbread should look and taste. Every day is a new challenge where the weather always is involved and affects baking. The humidity, heat and wind affect both dough and baking, and here it is crucial to have a fingertip feeling for how the thinbread should taste, feel and look. The bakers constantly look at the dough. To feel, note and adjust the amount of water to get the correct thickness of the dough is essential to get what many people think is the perfect thinbread. The scent leads the way for the experienced bakers - as well as the feeling. So also the golden colour of the bread cake and the moderately large baked bubbles that form in the old baking oven from 1946.

The result is an excellent golden-scared thinbread with crispy bubbles. One might wonder if Grandma Ruth from the baker's cottage in Mjällom could imagine her bread becoming a Swedish classic and later also award-winning by the Swedish Gastronomic Academy. 


Produced by: Wikinggruppen

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