Göteborgs Utvalda

Göteborgs Utvalda (Selected) inspires and is an innovator who constantly explores the taste world around cheese to find new combinations and flavours. Gothenburg's Selected Fröknäcke (seed crackers) makes the cheese an experience. Göteborgs Valda was launched in 2008 and resulted from a collaboration between Göteborgs Kex and cheese master Jenny Svensson. Based on passion and knowledge, Valdas Fröknäcke is the quality option for all occasions when you want to enjoy the edge of everyday life.

Göteborgs Utvalda (Selected) Fröknäcke (seed crackers) is baked in Göteborgs Kex factory in Kungälv. Through their passion for quality and knowledge of flavour combinations, you bring out the best in the cheeses, accessories, and the moment everything is consumed.

Göteborgs Utvalda (Selected) Fröknäcke is a crispy seed cracker in different flavours baked with the best quality ingredients. The crispbread contains 50% roasted seeds for good taste. Try and enjoy the natural good!


Produced by: Wikinggruppen

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