At Pyramidbageriet, the knäckebröd is baked on only Swedish cereals and is the result of a successful cultural clash between the Swedish province Dalarnas tradition with knäckebröd and Egypt's ancient peasant cultures.  All the crispbread baked at the Pyramidbageriet is baking with a lot of love and then baked in wood-fired ovens.





Pyramidbageriets knäckebröd, a result of when two cultures meet.


Pyramidbageriet in Hulån Dala-Järna, placed in the landscape of Dalarna in Sweden, is a bakery with a fascinating history. A unique crispbread saw the first daylight when two different cultures met, Swedish and Egyptian bread culture,  and in this cultural clash, Pyramidbageriet was born.

The base of this unique knäckebröd is a sourdough culture that the founder Emad Bayoumy brought with him in a small jar from Egypt. Emad put the jar with sourdough in a suitcase when he left his homeland for love, and that's how a small part of the Baker family Bayoumy's ancient sourdough went from Batanun to Dala-Järna. Even today, the same sourdough forms the basis of Pyramid bakery's different kinds of crispbread.

Pyramidbageriet knäckebröd_crispbread

Sweet music arose when the Egyptian family's sourdough met the Swedish crispbread tradition. Here you got an unusually tasty crispbread, which has been praised for its good taste.

The bread cakes bake in a line in ingeniously constructed wood-fired ovens that the founder, Emad Bayoumy, bricked up. After baking, the bread is visible and sorted and hung to dry. The crispbread dries with heated air from the oven. The drying is necessary because it is precisely here, during drying, that Pyramidbageriet's award-winning Spisbröd develops its unique flavour from the sourdough.

Once the crispbreads have dried, each crispbread cake, cake by cake, is checked before packaging. Crispbreads that do not pass the quality control, judged to be a little uneven in shape or be too much or too little baked, are sorted out. These bread are then placed in a box and sold as 2nd sorting knäckebröd. This 2nd sorting is highly appreciated and can only be purchased at the bakery or at Knackebrodonline.

A packet of crispbread from Pyramidbageriet always stands for good taste and high quality.


Produced by: Wikinggruppen

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