Vilma's various crispbreads are baked by Fjällbergets Bageri & Delicacy AB in Hofors. Here they take the time and put a lot of effort to make everything from scratch. The bakery is dedicated gluten-free and wheat-free, which means it does not allow any products containing wheat or gluten in the production area — all to eliminate the risk of cross-contamination with grain that contains gluten.

All cereals used are certified gluten-free. Finished products are tested regularly for gluten. Many so-called gluten-free biscuits and crispbread are often a bad imitation of the real commodity and where you have used cheap fillers and different additives. Fjällbergets Bageri instead uses natural ingredients that are rich in protein and fibres such as oats and pumpkin seeds. The result is flavorful gluten-free crispbread.





Fjällbergets Bageri care about the environment

Fjällbergets Bageri founded in 2001. Knäckebrödsbageriet is 100% powered by renewable energy, locally supplied from water and wind. All packaging materials in the form of cardboard and cardboard packaging is recyclable, and the bakery strives to use minimal plastic material. Now there are plastic packaging materials in some products, but in these cases, there are no alternatives to bake a food-safe crispbread. Then consumers must take responsibility and recycle as much as possible.


Sesam knäckesticks

Produced by: Wikinggruppen

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