Short date

Here's how we handle Best before-dates on the crispbread we sell.

The Best before-day is a label that the producer puts and is a guarantee from the producer that the product is of precisely the same quality as the day it where produced. Passing the best before date does not mean that the product becomes unfit after that. Food can last for weeks, months and even years after the best before date has passed. If you speak about crispbread, there is nothing in such a product that can become unfit even if you save it for a very long time.

With us, knäckebröd never gets old, just cheaper!

The products that we bring into our online store should have a Best before-date that is at least six months ahead in time for the crispbread to arrive at our warehouse. One month before the product passes its Best before-date, the product receives a mark Short date, and the price is reduced by 15-25%. When Best Before-date has passed, we mark the product with Expired date – Sale with an additional 15-25 % decrease on price.




Produced by: Wikinggruppen

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