We use Klarna Checkout as a payment solution. By clicking on "Complete Purchase", you agree to Klarna's terms and conditions and  Knackebrodonline's terms and conditions. At the checkout, you can choose between the different payment points Card or payment account, Get first to pay late, Card (credit or debit card) and Divide. Below you can read more about the different payment options available.

Klarna Checkout presents some information to you as soon as you have been identified. The information you need to enter for identification can vary. Any credit report is never taken directly into Klarna Checkout, but if necessary depending on the payment option you have chosen. Credit reports made by Klarna do not affect your credit rating and cannot be seen by others who request credit reports about you, such as banks.

Invoice is pre-selected as payment options, but you can of course freely choose one of the other options such as direct payment via bank or pay by card. If credit is not granted, you need to choose a different payment method such as Card or Card/Bank Account or contact Klarna. For invoice and partial payment, the cost of reminder fee, interest on late, etc. may be added in the event of non-payment.

All communication and information about payments come directly from Klarna. Klarna collects and processes personal data in order to carry out customer analysis, identification, credit control and marketing. When contact with Klarna, social security numbers will be used as customer numbers. Read more about Klarna's Data Protection Information.

More information and full terms on Klarna's payment method can be found at For information about your payment please contact  Klarna's customer service. You can also see your invoices and its payment status on under My Pages.

1. Card or Bank account (Direct payment)

2. Get first. Pay sen. (Invoice payment)

Klarna charges an invoice fee of SEK 0 per purchase. At late payment, a reminder is sent out to you where you are required to pay a reminder fee. If you have traded for under £6, a reminder fee of £2.99 will be added, and if you have traded for 60 SEK or more, £6.00 is added in a reminder fee. An interest rate of 24.00% plus the reference rate applies. If no payment is made, the claim may be submitted for debt collection handling where additional collection costs may be added.

3. Cards (Credit or Debit Cards)

If you choose payment by card, you can use VISA or Mastercard/Eurocard. Card purchases are free. When ordering, a reservation of the purchase price is made to your account. The money is only drawn when the goods are sent.

4. Divide. (Partial payment)

  • Collect your purchases on an account invoice
  • Pay a part or pay the full amount at the end of next month
  • Klarna's buyer protection ingår

You pay any amount per month. The minimum amount you can pay is 1/24 of the amount remaining and no less than 50 SEK each month. You can when you want to pay the full amount. An administration fee of SEK 29 per month is added to the invoice.



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