Linkosuos great crispy rye bread still made the good old way. Aarne Linkosuo who founded the bakery with his wife Elsa in 1936 had the motto "No compromising on quality" and still it sums up well how Linkosuo works today. Only a small handful of master bakers have the know-how to make Linkosuo´s crispy Varrasleipä bread. This knowledge has been kept alive at Linkosuo´s bakery in the Mannakorpi area of Kangasala in southern Finland since 1960. Behind its great popularity is the natural taste, crispiness and abundance of dietary fibre created by the genuine sourdough and rye. Linkosuo´s crispy rye bread is made from 100 % wholegrain rye.

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The story of Linkosuo

Here is the story of Linkosuo and how one of the most beloved tastes of Finland was born. A story based on ingenuity and a great deal of courage. Linkosuo was founded in 1936 by Aarne and Elsa Linkosuo in a small courtyard of a Hotel in Tampere. Although times were tough, the couple worked as a team. Aarne took care of the pastry shop side while Elsa focused on the store. This spirit of partnership is still visible in the family business Linkosuo as it operates today.

Linkosuo is a pioneer in the bakery industry in Finland and is today the market leader in hard bread in Finland. Linkosuo prefers domestic flavours and local production. Everything that is baked and sold today is done together with carefully selected primary producers and suppliers.

Linkosuo history

In Tampere, Aarne and Elsa's bakery quickly became popular. The bakery expanded and transformed into a limited liability company in the 1950s, and soon it also opened Linkosuo cafes, of course with bread developed by Aarne.

Aarne and Elsa's children Jussi and Ritva quickly became involved in Linkosuo's growing business. Jussi, in particular, was an avid innovator with many ideas, one of whom stood out a little more than the others. He came up with the idea of wiping pieces of the baked rye bread. These dried rye pieces then became Linkosuo's most significant innovations, the world's first snack products made from scraps of rye bread. The crisp and versatile snack, called Väinämöinens Palttoonapei in Finnish, began Linkosuo's journey towards the international market.

Linkosuo history

From the first dried rye bread, many different products have been developed based on the same idea.

The story of Aarne and Elsa lives on to this day in Linkosuo.  The courage to try something completely new is still one of the essential core values of Linkosuo today. When Linkosuo develops a new product, they often think about what idea Aarne, Elsa or the innovator Jussi would have brought come up with if they been around today, and there are probably several.

Linkosuo history

Only in 2014 did the first products from Linkosuo appear in Sweden, then in the form of the small rye chips, and now in 2021, it is time for dried rye bread, a special type of Finnish crispbread, to be launched in Sweden at Knackebrodonline.


Produced by: Wikinggruppen

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