Knäck & Bräck

Organic knäckebröd baked with heart - on locally produced ingredients.

Knäck & Bräck is a family bakery founded in 2008 by Annalena Brage in Östra Tunhem, a small village located about 10 km north of Falköping in Västra Götaland.  Knäck & Bräck has an essential basic rule in everything they do – Only the best is good enough! 

To bake a good knäckebröd, you can not cheat. The raw materials you bake on are carefully selected. Knäck & Bräck is an organic certified crispbread bakery that bakes from organically grown ancient cereals such as spelt, emmer and old-fashioned rye. The old grains contain more minerals and essential nutrients. They have a lower GI than today's conventional flours, contributing to the knäckebröd gaining more flavour and adding even more benefits. 

The flour Knäck & Bräck use when they bake is grown and ground locally by Wästgötarna's farms, which are eight farmers who specialize in cultivating ancient cereals. Every week, the bakery gets deliverance of these types of flour. The recipes that Knäck & Bräck use when baking knäckebröd have been created themselves and designed based on the unique properties and characteristics of the different types of flour. Knäck & Bräck use no additives in the crispbread, no sugar, no yeast and no added fat.

Swedish traditions have inspired flavours and shapes so that the crispbreads could provide an experience for all the senses, even the visual. Therefore, you find the crispbreads baked in slightly different forms. A knäckebröd should be good to eat, but it should also be fun to give away as a gift as well as get a crispbread from Knäck & Bräck.

Over the years, Knäck & Bräck has been awarded several times for its knäckebröd, among other things, by the Gastronomic Academy, where in 2013, they were certified with the following motivation:

"In order to build up with great courage and determination an internationally successful crispbread business based on old locally produced cereals and original forms."



Produced by: Wikinggruppen

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