Leipomo Rosten

Leipomo Rosten Oy is a Finnish bakery from Turku, currently owned by the Meltovaara family. Leipomo Rosten's roots went back more than 80 years and began in Raunistula, a district in Turku, where Helli and Juho Rosten started their bakery business. At Rosten, you have a long tradition of baking bread in different forms. At the beginning of 2000, Leipomo Rosten developed and launched Fröknäckebröd, a success. It's a cracker suitable for all meals of the day and is now available in four different flavours.  The various seed products bake with varying mixtures of seeds, and there are abundant seeds in these seed cracks, up to 72% seeds. The latest addition to Leipomo Rosten's range is Jurmo Skärgårdsknäckebröd, a rye crack bread formed based on the traditions of the Finnish Archipelago. 




Produced by: Wikinggruppen

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