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For those who want to buy organic crispbread, we have eco-labelled the products that have an organic certification. There are many products that could be classified as organic, but we choose to only eco-label the products where the supplier has chosen to certify the product and where the product clearly shows what type of certification the supplier has chosen to use.  

Below are the certifications that can be found on a product packaging and where we choose to list it as eco-labelled.


Krav ekologiskt


The KRAV label is Sweden's best-known eco-label for foods, built on an ecological basis with particularly high demands on animal care, health, social responsibility and climate impact. Companies that KRAV-labeled their products must comply with KRAV's rules. KRAV has regulations for growing plants, having animals on a farm and for fishing. KRAV also has rules for the production of food. The proportion of KRAV-certified ingredients is at least 95% by weight and KRAV-certified products are checked at least once a year. 


EU Ekologiskt Organic 

EU Organic

EU Organic is the European label for organic production. What may be called organic is governed by an EU regulation that regulates organic production within the member states. The regulations state how the product should be done, how products should be labelled and how the control should take place. At least 95 % of the product's ingredients of agricultural origin, by weight, must consist of ecological products during manufacture in order for the product to be labelled as organic. Next to the EU Ecological symbol there is always a code number issued by the inspection body and indicating where the raw products have been produced.

Logotype Protected Geographical Indication_PGI

Protected geographical indication (PGI)

PGI emphasises the relationship between the specific geographic region and the product's name, where a particular quality, reputation, or other characteristic is essentially attributable to its geographical origin.



Other symbols that can be found on a crispbread package



Keyhole Symbol

The National Food Agency's symbol, the Keyhole, is designed to help consumers find healthier food alternatives. The Keyhole symbol is a Swedish initiative that celebrated 25 years in 2014. For several years now, the Keyhole marking can also be found in Denmark, Norway and Iceland.

The Keyhole symbol stands for:

  • less and/or healthier fat
  • less sugar
  • less salt
  • more dietary fibre and whole grains

Keyhole labelled foods shall meet one or more of the above conditions in comparison with other food products of the same type. The Keyhole symbol can be used on 33 different groups of foods and the conditions are different for the groups because they have different nutrient content.

The Crossed Grain

There are common rules in the EU for the production and labelling of gluten-free foods. In order to label a product "gluten-free", the gluten content must not exceed 20 mg gluten/kg. The same limit applies to the Crossed Grain. Products labelled with the symbol can contain up to 20 milligrams of gluten per kilogram. The products are tested at an independent ISO-certified laboratory to show that the food contains no more than the permitted limit value. This should be done at least once a year or if the recipe is changed.



The International Demeter label appears on products certified as organic growers and which comply with the biodynamic cultivation methods. In Sweden, Demeter is represented by the Swedish Demeter Association, which is also the organization that issues the certification.



HF Gruppen AB / Knackebrodonline is a certified online store to conduct online sales of organic knäckebröd in accordance with council regulation for organic production (EC) No 834/2007.

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