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Solmarka Gårdsbageri

At Solmarka Gårdsbageri they do not think there are any shortcuts to a truly tasty knäckebröd. Solmarka Gårdsbageri's brittle and flavorful crispbread is baked on sourdough and with flour malt on a stone mill. The bakery chooses its raw materials with care and as far as possible, they are both organically and biodynamically grown. Needless to say, they do not work with GM-flour or any additives. Solmarka Gårdsbageri has also an interest in old types of cereal like emmer, spelt and wheat from Öland. Since the 1980s the popular Delicatessen crispbread has been baked and the assortment has the recent years expand with a mild flaxseed crispbread and a slightly spicy crispbread baked with Dinkel. To bake is a passion and a genuine craft at the bakery in Solmarka.



Produced by: Wikinggruppen

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