Why do we eat knäckebröd baked on wheat flour for Christmas?

According to old folklore, Christmas food was sacred, perhaps mainly bread. In the past, people always arranged large baking for Christmas. The bread they baked should be enough for the farm's people and the village's poor. The raw materials for the bread came from the different cereals that the local climate in a long country as Sweden allowed. The cereals rye, oats, and barley were grown in the areas where people baked knäckebröd. In knäckebröd, rye has been the most common cereal.

The knäckebröd was a hard everyday bread that could store for a long time away from being lost. The bright Christmas knäckebröd as we know it today bakes with wheat flour and sifted rye flour. This type of knäckebröd was baked for solemn occasions. The reason for this was that wheat was a grain that was grown in southern Sweden and considered an exclusive cereal. So for Christmas, they luxuriated in it and baked a knäckebröd, a lighter knäckebröd of a finer flour than the coarse rye flour.

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