For over 30 years, Semper has developed and refined gluten-free crispbread. Only gluten-free knäckebröd bakes in this bakery, a crispy bread where quality, tradition and innovation have been the keywords since the start.

Semper's vision with its Knäckebröd bakery is to offer a well-balanced gluten-free range of healthy crispbreads of high quality without compromising on taste.

For a gluten-free crispbread to provide a good supplement of B vitamins and iron is added, many of the recipes Semper's bake are enriched with these nutrients.




As early as 1920, knäckebröd was baked in the bakery at Korsnäs in Dalarna. At that time, they baked traditional knäckebröd, but in 1991 Semper began to develop and bake gluten-free crispbread and crackers in this bakery. So for over 30 years, it has only been baked gluten-free in Knäckebageriet.

Produced by: Wikinggruppen

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