The Knäckebröd Day

Knäckebrödets Dag on 19 Feb initially launched 2018. Behind this initiative is Knäckebrödsakademin, and this year is the fourth year that we celebrate this specific day for Knäckebrödet.


Crispbread is one of the most traditional foods in Sweden. With Knäckebrödets Dag, we get the opportunity to highlight all large and small knäckebröd bakers. These allow us to enjoy fantastic bread while continually developing new variations on crispbread.


Originally, knäckebröd was baked on only four ingredients Wholemeal flour of rye, yeast or sourdough, salt and water. Even today, this is still how our most popular knäckebröd bakes.





Produced by: Wikinggruppen

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