Wasa Husman

Great price on a real classic, Wasa Husman!

Right now we sell a limited batch, Wasa Husman, with short dates at a very favourable price. Wasa Husman 260 g, now € 0,75 (reg. price € 1,50) and Wasa Husman 520 g € 1,45 (reg. price € 2,90). Take the opportunity to taste Wasa Husman, a rye classic baked with the same recipe for almost 90 years.

In 1933, started the first mechanized crispbread production with assembly lines in Wasa's factory in Filipstad. In connection with this, the brand Wasa Husman was launched and is still one of the best selling Swedish Knäckebröd. A real classic Knäckebröd baked in the same way at all times and will it continue.

Wasa Husman is baked exclusively on natural ingredients such as wholemeal rye flour, yeast, salt and water, making it a coarse and crispy Knäckebröd.

So what is wholemeal rye flour? Wholemeal rye flour is flour made from the whole grain. The grain ingredients then come from the entire grain, i.e. endosperm, bran, and germinated.

Among the real Knäckebröd fans, a real Knäckebröd should only be based on four ingredients. The same as Wasa Husman bakes on.

So take the opportunity and order a Swedish classic at an excellent price!



Produced by: Wikinggruppen

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