Wasa Tasty Bites Flaxseed & Sea salt 50 g

Tasty Bites Flaxseed & Sea salt are small, delicious and crispy knäckebröd snacks from Wasa. Made from only a few selected ingredients but full of flavour and crispiness. These small cracker pieces are rye-based and contain more than 15% fibre. Also, they are made entirely without added sugar and have recyclable packaging. Tasty Bites is a perfect snack both on the go and as a snack during the working day. Of course, Tasty Bites just like Wasa's other products is 100% carbon offset.


WHOLEMEAL RYE FLOUR, flaxseeds (17 g*), sourdough (WHOLEMEAL RYE FLOUR, water) (10 g*), sunflower seed oil, WHEAT flour, yeast, sea salt (1,2 g*), RYE MALT.

* calculated for 100 g of product.

Origin: flaxseeds (EU and non-EU) / sea salt (EU).

Nutrition Facts per 100 g:

energy 1844 kJ 

energy 442 kcal

total fat 19.5 g

- saturated fat 2.1 g

total carbohydrate 47.5 g

- sugar 2.0 g

dietary fibre 17 g

Protein 10.5 g

Sodium 1.25 g

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