Wasa - Fiber Balance 230 g

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Wasa Fibre is a thin knäckbröd baked from wholegrain rye flour. It also includes wheat bran and wheat fibre, meaning three slices of Fibre cover almost a third of the daily requirement for dietary fibre. The extra bran and fibre also give the bread more taste.

Weight: 230 g


Wholegrain rye flour), wheat bran, oat flakes, sesame seedwheat germ, salt.
May contain traces of milk.

Knackebrodonline has the ambition always to give you the correct information. Minor changes in the contents of the products can occur over time, and we, therefore, ask you to always check the information on the product's packaging before use.

Nutrition Facts:

serving size 100 g

energy 1400 kJ 

energy 330 kcal

total fat 5.50 g

- saturated fat 1 g

total carbohydrate 43 g

- sugar 2 g

dietary fibre 29 g

protein 14 g

salt 1 g

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Produced by: Wikinggruppen

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