Large packaging Prime quality 1800 g Pyramidbageriet -Dala Järna (Round bread Large)

Large packaging Prima quality is a novelty from Pyramidbageriet. If you buy a whole carton of Dala Järna with the same prime quality as the packaged crispbreads, you get the knäckebröd at a lower kilo price. An excellent way to buy good crispbread at a reasonable price!

100% whole-grain rye, baked in an old-fashioned way in a wood-fired oven. An unbeatable combination that produces the real rye flavour. A traditional rye cracker. The toppings that are most suitable for DalaJärna crackers are cheese, sausage, and caviar. Or what you like best. A powerful bread that goes along with most things.

Brytbröd is crispbread that has become a bit uneven in the form during baking or broken during packaging. These come from baking the large round bread. There is no difference in the taste of this 2nd sort, a package Brytbröd is an affordable way to buy crispbread.

Weight: 500 g


Whole-grain rye flour, water, salt and yeast.

The image is only a sample image and with it, the best before the date is also an example.


Nutrition Facts:

serving size 100 g

energy 1313 kJ 

energy 314 kcal

total Fat 2.50 g

- saturated fat 0.40 g 

total carbohydrate 62 g

- sugar 0.50 g

dietary fibre 15 g

protein 9.80 g

sodium 0.50 g

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Produced by: Wikinggruppen

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