8 pcs Mixed Protein- & Seed Crackers - FAB Deli

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These products include:
FAB Deli - 50% Protein Crackers 100 g (4pcs.)
FAB Deli - 80% Seed Crackers 100 g (4pcs.)

In this package, you get 4 + 4 tasteful Protein and Seed Crackers from FAB Deli. By purchasing a package of 8, the unit price will also be lower per package compared to the standard price/package.

FAB Deli - 50% Protein Crackers 100 g

A crispy protein cracker baked without grains and containing more protein than most protein bars. This light crispbread is a unique addition to any crispbread assortment. Completely natural, without additives of any kind. With less than 1g carb per piece, it fits perfect if you use diest like e.g. LCHF and Keto. 

Weight: 100 g


Seeds (pumpkin seeds*, flax seeds, poppy seeds, SESAM seeds), WHEY protein, salt, turmeric and natural aroma.

FAB Deli - 80% Seed Crackers 100 g

FAB Delis Seed Crackers 80% is a gluten-free and crispy crispbread without added sugar. Only seeds, whole oats and salt. Naturally high in protein and fibre and with a consistency similar to a rye crispbread. Perfect for all meals or as a healthy snack.

Weight: 100 g


80% seeds (sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds*, flax seeds, SESAM seeds), gluten-free oats and salt.

May contain traces of milk.


* Pumpkin seeds can vary in colour. Sometimes they are brown, and sometimes they can be green. This variation allows the pumpkin seed flour to have natural colour variations. The greener the pumpkin seed flour, the greener the final product. Recipes and everything else are unchanged but can be perceived as something different. This green product is neither dangerous to eat nor affects the taste; it is an entirely natural colour variation.

Knackebrodonline has the ambition always to give you the correct information. Minor changes in the contents of the products can occur over time, and we, therefore, ask you to always check the information on the product's packaging before use.

Nutrition Facts FAB Deli - 50% Protein Crackers 100 g:

Serving Size 100 g

Energy 1650 kJ 

Energy 400 kcal

Total Fat 14,6 g

of which sautered 2,0 g

Total Carbohydrate 5,0 g

of which sugars 2,0 g

Dietary Fiber 16,2 g

Protein 50 g

Sodium 2,2 g

Nutrition Facts FAB Deli - 80% Seed Crackers 100 g:

Serving Size 100 g

Energy 1520 kJ 

Energy 360 kJ

Total Fat 13 g

of which saturates 2,2 g

Total Carbohydrate 14 g

of which sugars 1,6 g

Dietary Fiber 14 g

Protein 40 g

Sodium 2,9 g

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Produced by: Wikinggruppen

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