6 pcs Crispy rye bread with a taste of caraway 500 g from Linkosuo

Buy an entire carton, ie 6 packages, and you get a 10% discount. In this package, you get 6 tasteful Crispy rye bread with a taste of caraway 500 g from Linkosuo. By purchasing a package of 6, the unit price will be lower per package compared to the standard price/package.

Crispy rye bread is a special type of crispbread, a Finnish speciality. This particular variety has a very pleasant taste of caraway. Only a small handful of master bakers have the know-how to make Linkosuo's crispy Varrasleipä (Skewer bread in English). This knowledge has been kept alive at Linkosuo's bakery in the Mannikorpi area of Kangasala in southern Finland since 1960. Behind its great popularity is the natural taste, crispiness and abundance of dietary fibre created by genuine sourdough and rye.

This crispy rye bread bakes from 100% whole-grain rye, without additives and no added sugar. Rich in fibre 19%.


Whole-grain rye flour (88%), water, salt, yeast/sourdough rye och caraway.

May contain traces of wheat ingredients.

Nutrition Facts:

Serving Size 100 g

Energy 1357 kJ 

Energy 319 kJ

Total Fat 2,4 g

- Saturated Fat 0,3 g 

Total Carbohydrate 56 g

- Sugar 1,0 g

Dietary Fibre 19 g

Protein 9,6 g

Salt 1,2 g

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Produced by: Wikinggruppen

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