5 pcs Måltidsknäcke Krögarens 330 g - Wasa

In this package, you get 5 tasteful Krögarens knäckebröd from Wasa. By purchasing a package of 5, the unit price will also be lower per package compared to the standard price/package.

Wasa Krögarens is a golden-baked knäckebröd that is extra crispyl. This rye knäckebröd has a slightly milder taste, making it an excellent accessory for any meal. A round crispbread can be broken in a perfect size, completely adapted to your wishes—this round knäckebröd marked with the keyhole symbol signals that this is a healthy alternative. Wasa Krögarens wholegrain knäckebröd is a source of iron and protein. This knäckebröd is 100% climate compensated.

Weight: 330 g


Wholegrain rye flour, yeast, salt.

Nutrition Facts:

serving size 100 g

energy 1388 kJ 

energy 330 kcal

total fat 1.50 g

- saturated fat 0.40 g 

total carbohydrate 59.50 g

- sugar 1 g

dietary fibre 21 g

protein 9 g

sodium 1.10 g

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Produced by: Wikinggruppen

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