Skedvi Bröd's recipe to bake the perfect knäckebröd.

Skedvi Bröd Vedeldat knäckebröd

Most knäckebröd baked and made since time immemorial contain only four ingredients: rye flour, water, yeast/sourdough and salt. Wholegrain rye flour is an essential ingredient in giving knäckebröd its flavour and unique qualities men it also contributes so much positive to our well-being. Whole grains are the individual dietary factor that is classified to prevents illness, and whole grains are found only in cereals.

Knäckebröd dough

When Skedvi Bröd bakes its much-appreciated knäckebröd, many things in the baking process determine how the final result will be. It all starts with the dough, and where the rate falling numbers of the flour are one of the most important components. The falling numbers are a measure of the germination rate of cereals. When Skedvi Bröd bakes its knäckebröd, they want to bake on a rye flour with as low a falling number as possible to get the right crunch on the knäckebröd. 

Wood-fired ovens

Since all knäckebröd bakes in wood-fired ovens, the temperature must be right for the final result to be good. Knäckebröd bakes in ovens that maintain a temperature of almost 400 graders. So to burn the ovens up to the proper baking temperature, Skedvi Bröd always uses the first day of the week to burn the ovens so that baking can begin the next day. The oven burns with pinewood, and the bark left contributes to developing the smoke in the oven. The smoke is of great importance for the taste of the knäckebröd.


After the dough is mixed, then it has to be fermented. Now the special machine will have to work. The device will roll, nibble and punch out the round cakes. After that, the round knäckebröd cake put on what Skedvi Bröd calls a fermentation plank. After that, you let them ferment in a fermentation cabinet, about 30 minutes before it's time to bake them in the wood-fired ovens.



Baking knäckebröd in these wood-fired ovens is a craft that requires both skill and experience in these knäckebröd bakers. Each knäckebröd baker bakes 15 cakes at a time for two minutes. During these two minutes, each knäckebröd cake should be in three different places in the oven, first to the right, then to the left and then finally in the middle. The moving around with the 15 knäckebröd cakes requires skilled knäckebröd bakers, and at the same time, they have to feed the oven with firewood to keep it to a consistent baking temperature.


When the knäckebröd has been taking out from the oven, you maybe think they're ready, but it's not. After baking, the knäckebröd must dry. It's done in a special drying room to draw out the last liquid, your knäckebröd. This moment is essential for the knäckebröds to have its unique texture and crunch while a dry knäckebröd also becomes a durable bread that consumers can store for a long time.


After the knäckebröds have dried for at least two days in the drying room, it is time for packaging. Before packaging, each knäckebröd will be controlled on both sides. Depending on the degree of baking, the packing staff decides how the knäckebröd should be classified. To determine which type of knäckebröd to be baked in the wood-fired ovens is almost impossible. There are so many factors that affect the final result. So by checking each knäckebröd, they decided whether it should be a yellow package "Original" or a blue package "Extragräddat" (brown baked). The knäckebröd cakes deemed not to be completely perfect are put in a cardboard box that then will be sold as 2: a sort, Skedvi Bröd - Bitbröd 2.2 kg. It's nothing wrong with this knäckebröd more than that they were perhaps a knäckebröd cake that got a slight too burnt edge, a stain with flour, etc. To buy these cartons of Bitbröd is appreciated by many of our customers. You get a mixture of slightly different varieties that show the combination of the craft to bake Skedvi Bröd.

Vedugnsbakade knäckebröd Skedvi Bröd


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